Medstrom is a medical company, the main activity of which is the supply and service of medical equipment, as well as the comprehensive equipping of medical facilities. The staff consists of experienced professionals who are able to perform tasks of any complexity level in the shortest possible time.


The equipment and consumables that the company represents in the Russian market conform to the highest environmental standards and are safe for nature and man.

Metalforming Shelving Logistic

Metalforming Shelving Logistic is a company that started to produce industrial shelving in Russia in 1995. Besides a first class production equipment the company offer also professional assistance in realization of logistic turn-key projects – starting from equipping of the offices and archives up to composite “A” class storehouse equipping using innovation technical solutions. Thanks to a program of continue investment efficiency and quality developed through growth in Equipment, in Technology, in Skills and in Know-How Management. Steady process improvement is a major feature in Metalforming activities. Such improvement makes it possible for the firm to maintain its competitive advantage in the market.

Polarstar Pharma

Polarstar Pharma is a European-owned legal entity with an operational base and representative office in Moscow, formed by individuals with an extensive experience of more than 25 years with multinational pharmaceutical corporations in Russia, CIS and the Baltic regions. Our strategic goal is to identify Western pharmaceutical manufacturers not yet present in Russia, CIS and the Baltic regions and to offer successful market entries through tailor made solutions. Polarstar Pharma‘s competitive edge is that products are not only purchased, but also actively developed and promoted within a high competitive market environment, which consequently stands for substantial investments in the areas of personnel, infrastructure,
marketing and lobbying activities amongst key decision makers. Our local operational structure allows us to carry out sales, marketing and regulatory affairs at the highest level with confidence, efficiency, bespoke solutions and an enviable track record of success.


The firm, which was established by Claudio Borio in 1989, has operated on an associative basis since 1997. Its founder’s passion and far-sightedness with regard to surrounding himself with qualified young professionals has led to the development and consolidation of the firm. This group of professionals has never stopped learning, equipping itself with the most advanced instruments to keep pace with the speed and constant evolution of society and the business world.

Areas of activity: individual and family law, business law, accidents in the workplace, contracts, successions and donations, civil liability and compensation for damages, tax law, commercial and corporate law, purchases and sales, intellectual property and industrial law, credit recovery, banking and financial law, sports law, maritime, defence of the manufacturer and the consumer.

Ital Caspian

Ital Caspian is an organization created based on the efforts of a group of Italian entrepreneurs and consultants involved in the South Caucasus area for many years.

The organization offers its skills and experience to the Italian companies which are interested in in exploring or consolidating their presence in Azerbaijan, and also offers vast qualified local network of professionals.

The company is able to provide any professional assistance at the strategic and operational stages. Its main goal is to obtain the strong results aimed at significantly to improve partner's companies’ effectiveness in the market over time.


Marazzi&Associati helps companies to successfully address the internationalisation process, supporting its      clients at all stages of processes, like: legal assistance in international business law; enhancement and protection of intellectual and industrial property; tax and customs assistance; institutional relations of business and communication; development and management of business; feasibility studies; search and evaluation of potential local partners (agents, distributors, suppliers, potential customers, partners for joint ventures); creation of economic and financial projections in relation to the new production investments.


SPIC for over twenty years has been working alongside some of the most important Italian construction companies to offer “turn-key” construction projects in Italy and abroad for erecting road and train viaduct decks.

An advanced technological approach and the ability to provide a “consultancy” service from the design stage to deck erection allows SPIC to offer customers innovative technical solutions, to coordinate the various stages of the project, to furnish effective and detailed operational instructions and procedures on site providing the most suitable technologies and methods maximising the result and optimising project costs.



The Research Institute of Building Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences is a non-profit organization - a federal state budget institution.

The main goal of the company is to provide a reliable, environmentally friendly and comfortable human environment in buildings and on territories with the efficient use of resources and energy saving. The company is the leading scientific and the expert center in building physics, the durability of construction products and protection from harmful environmental factors in Russia.

Best in Parking Holding


Best in Parking Holding AG is one of the leading garage-constructing and –operating company in Austria, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland and Slovakia. 
The organisation and creation of parking spaces as well as the optimal management consistent with cityscape and environment is an essential component of modern mobility. Best in Parking - Holding AG is one of the leading provider in construction, planning, financing and operation of parking facilities. 



«Vnesheconomservice» has been working in the Russian market since 1992 and helps and supports foreign companies during the registration.

The company offers professional and high-quality professional services to companies and private: international tax planning; registration of foreign companies; international registration of trade marks, names, signs; international patenting; registration of ships and yachts; buying a real estate; structuring of deals; contract and financial management; the promotion of international trade; international financial markets; the market research; general marketing and consulting.

"The Construction Management № 308"

"The Construction Management № 308" is a group of companies that performs the whole complex of works on construction of  structures and facilities of various types: design and construction of houses, modern shopping complexes and entertainment centers, railway stations, construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities, transport construction.

The company carries out a full complex of general construction, special and finishing events on a turn-key basis; Services for vertical planning and landscaping; the construction and electrification; design, technological and construction engineering.

RJD «Russian Railways»

Russian Railways is part of the global top three railway companies. The company is experienced in huge volumes of freight and passenger transport; there are qualified specialists in all areas of rail transport and a big scientific and technical base in the company; and also Russian Railways has the significant experience in international cooperation.

The company's activities: freight transportation; long-distance passenger service; suburban passenger service; provision of infrastructure; provision of locomotive traction services; rolling stock repairing; infrastructure construction; research and development activities; maintenance of social sector.


JSC «Federal Passenger Company»

The open JSC «Federal Passenger Company» was founded at the base asset of the Federal Passenger Directorate a branch of  «Russian Railways», In December 2009.
A specialized property complex was introduced into the authorized capital of JSC «FPС», as well as personnel providing long-distance passenger rail transportation.
Since April 1, 2010, JSC «FPC» has started its independent activity, as a carrier. 


The company has been transporting of cargoes by rail from Moscow throughout Russia, including oversized transportation. LLC «TRC» is ready to be offered the clients of service in transportation of various cargoes (wide load) by rail on own rolling stock across all Russia.
The company guarantees efficiency, excellent service quality, and offers a wide range of additional services and the ability to trace locations of cargoes in real time, what makes the railway service of heavy and oversized transports more convenient and affordable.

FASO Russia


The Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FANO Russia) is a federal executive body responsible for legal regulation and provision of public services in the sphere of activities carried out by subordinate organizations, including those in the field of science, education, health and agriculture, as well as federal property management of organizations subordinate to the Agency. 
Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations operates directly through its territorial bodies, as well as through subsidiary organizations in collaboration with other federal executive bodies, other state bodies, executive bodies of regions of the Russian Federation, local authorities, the Federal State Institution “Russian Academy of Sciences” and its regional offices, public associations and other organizations.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation is a federal executive body which is carrying out functions on development and realization of the state policy and the standard legal regulation in health sector, the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and pharmaceutical activities. And also it’s carrying out functions on the management of state property and the provision of public health services, including the provision of the health care, the introduction of modern medical technologies, diagnostics, treatments, rehabilitation and training of specialists.
The Ministry  coordinated and monitored the activities of the Federal Service for Supervision of Health, the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, Federal State institutions and Federal State Unitary Enterprises under its jurisdiction, as well as the coordination of the activities of the Federal Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund.


The Federal State Budgetary Health-care Institution The Central Clinical Hospital of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CCH RAS) is the largest multi-purpose hospitals of the Russian Academy of Sciences structure. There are a hospital with the medical and diagnostic center and the consulting and diagnostic center in the CCH RAS. The hospital is furnished with all necessary  for prevention, diagnosis and treatment, both out-patient and in-patient care are available. The hospital is equipped with the latest medical equipment.
A team of highly qualified specialists works at the CCH RAS. Doctors of various specialties provide out-patient medical care, leading specialists advise patients up to admission to hospital and after discharge. 

The Clinical Hospital on the Yauza

The Clinical Hospital on the Yauza is a multi-disciplinary medical center of the new generation with a leading specialist’s team in core parts of medicine. All divisions of the hospital are equipped with modern equipment and are designed to provide the full volume of medical care at the highest level, including comprehensive laboratory and instrumental diagnostic studies, as well as high-tech surgical interventions.
There is an intrinsic link between  clinical management, scientific research and continuous professional and educational process as the basis for the work of the hospital. That is what makes it possible to administer the most effective medical care to a patient.


The state unitary enterprise «Bryanskfarmacia» is an organization with the State form of ownership, created on the basis of the Bryansk pharmacy management  to ensure  medication and parapharmaceutical production for the population and for medical institutions, social programs and medicines. 

The company is a participant of the national «Health» project for the provision of medicines , and also company participates in providing beneficiaries of social policies. There are about 1000 people at the enterprise, 130 of them are specialists with higher pharmaceutical education and 121 are specialists with intermediate pharmaceutical education.


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