Investments in new productions

    •    research of business opportunities
    •    investment projects feasibility assessment
    •    research of partners for start-up and join-ventures
    •    every kind of legal, administrative or financial consulting related to realization of investment projects and commercial business
    •    obtaining financing for the production activities, start-up, capital investments, etc.
    •    research of public financing concerning the introduction of new technologies in the russian territory and the opening of new kinds of manufacturing

The Russian market today offers more interesting prospects than other countries and the recent geopolitical events are proving this.
We refer to agreements on economic policy among the so-called BRICS countries, which allow the free exchange of goods within this geographical area. Russia may open to the european entrepreneurs commercial opportunities in those emerging countries that are part of these agreements. The activity of trading to Russia is an objective which may tend companies which know they have technologies and products that here are needed. However, the current tensions and diplomatic sanctions may make the only sale activity less profitable. At this point it takes over the internationalization process: making the company also an active economic player in the country, being able to offer its products at a local price, therefore more competitive giving at the same time to the customers final guarantees of quality and know-how expectations. This process requires a mental effort, a radical cultural change, and it is a choice that has to mature according to specific objectives.

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