These are the services that Agency for Russia offers to any Italian company interested in the Russian market, to choose according to its needs and the goals’ achievement.
Here are offered a complete range of services, for which estimates are given on request.

1) Market research and analysis:

    •    market analyses including macroeconomic and financial data, updated information about the Russian economy and its regions
    •    research and analysis of competitors already on the market
    •    study and development of trading strategies in the Russian market
    •    product analysis. Impact on the consumers

2) Research and selection of commercial partners and clients:

    •    maps of customers, according to every specific sector such as distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers and others
    •    selection and research of local partners for the importation and commercialization of products on the russian market

3) Communication and marketing:

    •    direct mailing. Distribution of brochures, catalogs, invitations to events and exhibitions, etc. by mail or by e-mail, in order to promote the company on a great number of local operators
    •    phone calls to the potential customers
    •    organization of meetings
    •    creation of the web contents optimized for the russian market
    •    creation and managing of pages on the social networks in russian language and translation of the site
    •    distribution of informative material during trade fairs and/or events
    •    organization of special events to present news and products

4) Translations and interpreting:

    •    technical and asserted translations
    •    translations of informative material and texts for advertising campaigns
    •    translation of web site
    •    technical and specialized interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting.
    •    assistance during trade fairs, in advertising and during promotion events

5) Organization and coordination of trade business trips:

    •    organization of business trips and participation to scheduled events in the reference markets
    •    our office at disposition to organize meetings

6) Legal, administrative and financial assistance:

    •    assistance during State certifications requests (GOST type, etc.), that are essential for products to be imported and distributed
    •    assistance during preparation of commercial contracts for products distribution and partnerships
    •    assistance during the establishment of companies under Russian legislation and for the representation accreditation of foreign companies
    •    assistance during opening of bank accounts in the major Italian or Russian banks, including obtaining financing for the production activities start-up, capital investments, etc.

7) Other:
    •    help in obtaining russian visas
    •    rent of apartments

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