"Alfa" partners are all those Italian companies that are not present yet in Russia, but are interested in establishing business in the new market and in creating business opportunities by selling their products through a widespread distribution.
The conditions required in order to start the operating process are bound to the contemporary signing of two specific contracts, a "Contract of exclusive representation, open-ended" and a "Contract of agency, fixed term (6 months)", which will be better described below.

Contract of exclusive representation, open-ended

This is a standard permanent contract of representation according to which Agency for Russia has to promote the conclusion of sales contracts on the Russian territory on behalf of the company, as well as to select the dealers who will be able to maintain a direct relationship with the company.
The "modus operandi", for the achievement of this goal, will be defined after a careful and thorough analysis of the area of intervention and the selection of involved dealers. 
The agents will do their best using all the available instruments and means in order to conduct the contract negotiations between the dealer and the principal and in order to check all the correspondence, documents and papers linked to commercial offers. Agents will also drive and conduct the processes leading to concrete sales and business contracts.
Summarizing, Agency for Russia will prepare the contracts and the company could subscribe them for acceptance.
An essential condition of the relationship of representation is that promotional activity done by the agent on behalf of the principal is stable, systematic and continuous.
Commission linked to this activity is defined as a percentage of the value of each concluded deal.
If the principal had to avail himself of specific "one-time" additional services, he would be able to choose from a range of services listed in the document "Guide to services".

Contract of agency, fixed term (6 months)

This specific agency contract is with a fee and it is signed by Agency for Russia and the principal partner. We consider it to be very useful for the Italian company in order to obtain the first information related to the Russian market and to the availability of the commerce and trade market. The information will constitute the base of a possible development  and information strategy.
The contribution required by Agency for Russia has to be conceived as an investment on the initial "start-up" and it is useful to the deepening of market analysis.
The services will be developed over a period of six months, following a strategy agreed by the parties, with the aim of promoting the brand of the principal partner in the Russian market and achieve the planned results.
The Fixed-term agency contract, signed together with the Open-ended contract of representation, offers a variety of services that will allow the companies to increase their knowledge about the Russian market and to improve and increase the visibility of their brands and products.
In case the parties agree that it would be useful to renew the contract, the contract itself contains a specific clause for this purpose.
The operational activities developed by Agency for Russia will be described and summarized to the partner through specific monthly reports, where the activities carried out will be highlighted, as well as the results obtained and those in the pipeline. The professional relationship with our agents will complete the offer and allow to define any possible additional marketing strategy.

"Beta" partners

"Beta" partners are those Italian companies that have already matured commercial experiences, even occasional ones, in the Russian market and that wish to consolidate their presence.
These "mature" companies are already aware of the difficulties to operate in this particular market and have clear objectives as well as a minimum number of customers in their portfolio or relationships started with some dealers.
Agency for Russia offers to these partners the opportunity to sign a "personal contract", aimed to achieve the agreed goals and objectives.
The agreement, in addition to the classic conditions of the Open-ended contract of exclusive representation, offers them to follow the customers already acquired and consolidated, under terms that have to be agreed.
In order to complete your package offer you can always integrate additional services that you consider to be the most useful ones for your activity. They are all listed in the document “Guide to services".

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