Manufacturing of high tech bricks

In Russia the market of bricks shows very high indices of consumption and production, more than 25% of the total amount of central and eastern Europe.

In the 2014 in Russia the manufacturing of bricks increased by 4,5% over the previous year.

This area shows the trend to increase the production capacity of existing facilities, through processes of modernization like the introduction in the country of new technologies based on the Italian and European standards.

Manufacturing of CLT panels

CLT technology is an innovation in the construction industry which assure higher performance comparing with the traditional systems and competitive prices on the market.

This technology is widely used in the north European countries and his production can be spreaded in Russia thanks to a series of advantages, first of all the abundance of raw material therefore wood.

The aim of this project is to launch a production of CLT panels in Russia.

Manufacturing of hard cheese and mozzarella

Due to the embargo on the dairy products, the production of cheese has increased by 30% in the first half of the 2015 in Russia.

Local producers have increased production in order to fill the gap left by the Russian ban on imports of cheese from some Western countries.

"Agency for Russia" is developing investment projects for entrepreneurs and companies in this sector which are interested in opening a factory with italian equipment.

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